Tonyvld Ban Appeal

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Tonyvld Ban Appeal

Post by tonyvld » Mon Feb 25, 2019 8:32 pm

BYOND Name: Tonyvld

Reason Banned: Severe metagrudging, and causing unnecessary drama and tension between players of this community and others. Being overly negative about certain people while intentionally going out of the way to make the community a hostile environment for them.

Date of ban: 2/5/2019

Admin who banned: Maglev2 (Vol)

Length Banned: Permanent

Appeal Reason: Well, to be honest the severe metagrudging really wasn't my intentions, I was talking to others ICly about things that had happened while they were away, because a certain event had cropped up due to these things happening, and they were merely being filled in as to why it was happening. As for the person I metagrudged against, we're actually friends OOCly. And when I had found out they were both denied bar entry and pulled from the bar, I contacted them immediently and apologized. I had no idea that it happened or I would've spoken up in LOOC, seeings as I was talking to an admin at the time about a good way to handle the person to where they don't feel abandoned or left out. And they let me know to not intentionally isolate or avoid them. But I asked for help because I have seen people become attached to a character, and when the character moves on, or just is busy alot, they feel like they're being singled out or left behind, and report it as such, when it might not be the case. Now I'm not saying by any means that they would do this, I have just seen it happen and that's why I contacted an admin about how to go about it, since I was attempting to avoid such things. Now while I did say that I wouldn't go out of my way to scene with them, I did say I wouldn't stop them from hitting me up for a scene or hanging out either. To better explain this, it's nothing against them, at all. I hardly seek anyone out specifically, I just lounge about, hang out with friends, and if someone comes up to me for a scene, cool, if not that's cool too. It's rare I seek someone out, sometimes I do, most times I don't. So when I said that, it wasn't anything against them, it's just how I am in general with scenes. But yes, I did contact them when I found out what all happened to them, apologized and told them that if it happens again, even if I'm not active station wise, to hit me up on discord, because I would hear the discord ping. But all the same I would like to apologize to everyone involved, and to you the admins, for having to take the time to read this appeal because of my screw up. I'll do what I can to ensure that my intentions are more clear and to make sure I don't end up banned again. Thank you all for your time in reading this appeal and I hope to see you all station side once again.
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Re: Tonyvld Ban Appeal

Post by Vol » Thu Feb 28, 2019 10:44 pm

The staff team has reviewed your ban appeal and collectively decided to reject your appeal.
It is being denied for reasons such as the following:

Causing the same things here that you've done in the past in other servers.
And saying you would be willing to change "if" we accepted your ban appeal.
The main reason being due to you having done this stuff in the past.
The ban appeal is being denied due the reasons above and your application being rather poor and saying sorry but not showing that you have changed from the past.
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