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Players may apply for a position on the staff.
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Skits - SS13Dev

Post by Skits » Sat Aug 31, 2019 3:21 am


Discord Name:

What role you are applying for:

Why do you wish to be in the position you choose?:
- because I pretty much already do it anyway with the sprites I make and the people I talk to
(NUMBERZero1032#1032 , Exabyte#3140 ,
Dragon Shark#0001 , Shadowfire117#1269)

- that I'm more than willing to invest into the server given donation and activity in the suggestions and development channels.
- that this is as far as I'm aware the only medium RP server, and that it does it well, and that I'd literally not play ss13 in any other server.
- that I already waited to prove myself somewhat before bothering to ask, despite everyone saying I was good enough already.
- that I've built lasting friendships with many of the people here, and even so much as brought others here - resulting in another donation and more dev help.
- that I'll probably actually pick up coding just to implement my sprites so that I don't have to bug everyone.

How long have you played on the server for?:
since October 8th 2018

Have you ever been banned, warned, or otherwise reprimanded by admins? If so, why?
nope, all bwoinks have been non-serious, and all chatter has been personal.

Have you ever been banned, warned, or otherwise reprimanded by admins on another server? If so, why?
nope, I don't play on other servers.

Have you ever been staff on another server? If yes, how long?
+2 years prior experience as moderator for furry vore sim in SL, was promoted to admin within the first few months and given an upper management role for rentals.
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