Temporarily disabling NIFs

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Disabling NIFs temporarily

Poll ended at Wed Nov 28, 2018 10:02 pm

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Temporarily disabling NIFs

Post by administrator » Wed Nov 21, 2018 10:02 pm

Hey, Chompers, Jon here.

Where are your NIFs?

Today the questions about if we should consider temporarily disabling NIFs. It's mainly because we've had unbearable server lag as the rounds go on and it's struggling to get to the 6 hour mark for the restart so things can clear up again and everything's nice and fresh.

I had a talk a while ago with one of my friends who had this issue and the root cause is actually hardware limitations. But that's because of what some people can call "lazy coding" which is basically what I think might be the reason why. However, I can't find where it's specifically causing it. It's really hard to get this issue on my computer too, because it's only the server which it happens on. So, debugging this issue is quite a challenge, and the simple solution is by dumping more money onto the server to make it run faster, but we don't feel like that's a good investment, I want to keep the server as cheap as possible so we don't have to constantly ask for donations.

This leads me to why I want to make this vote. I don't want to remove something players enjoy without some form of democracy, I'd like everyone to have a choice in this decision because it's a very sensitive topic, everyone has their opinions about NIFs.

If we do vote yes, NIFs will be removed for a week, that way I can accurately gather data to see the performance increase/decrease, if it doesn't work at all and the same issues happen, I'll readd them immediately. The whole purpose of this is to test if NIFs is the cause of this issue.

If you guys got any questions, or anything to talk about this, please message me on discord, or talk in the dev chat about it, thanks for voting! <3
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