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Post by Vol » Tue Dec 18, 2018 7:09 am

First thing you should do is check whitelist applications persons notes on server.

Someone who is a head is expected to do their in-game job over only rp.
Review their answers and make sure they've correctly answered, If they didn't answer correctly then they may not play their job properly. High ranking jobs ingame are important to be played correctly.
However low ranking jobs are allowed some slack for people to mess around with stuff and or do rp.

If they have a few minor issues or it's incomplete, contact said person and either teach them the proper way or ask them to learn it and then come back and edit their application before judging it. You may also link helpful information to said person, For instance an example whitelist with all the info they'd need. You don't need to do this mandatory but its there just to help.

If they do not follow the application style and deviate entirely then auto decline it.
Example being: "I already applied before a ban, can I just get it back?"
This would be autodeclined and the person messaged to make a new application.

If there are no major issues and you can just note it before you accept their application then do so, also notify a admin or headmin about the accepted application before you accept and after.

They really just have to get answers correct enough that they can play the job they select well enough. Not being able to play it at all properly would be a big issue, say a security person using lethal guns on someone with a minor crime, that is very very out of line and not allowed.

These guidelines I'm making public for all to see, they will be edited and corrected later down the road if need be since this all is a work in progress.