Xegrashi's Xenochimera application

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Xegrashi's Xenochimera application

Post by Xegrashi » Sun Aug 18, 2019 2:27 am

BYOND Username: Kovs

Discord ID: Desaray#2728

Race or Language whitelisting for: Xenochimera


What do you know of their mechanics?:
1: They are unable to be resleeved as they have a way of regenerate so long as they have a sample of themselves.
2: They can and will go feral like a animal, meaning everything around them will seem alien like and they will hide to remove themselves of the state. Pain, Hunger, and stress can trigger their feral states.
3: Depending on the damage to their bodies it can determine when they revive they are feral or not.

What do you know of their lore?:
There lore is quite unique for their species as they start with a colony and if that colony gets far too big in its biomass it splits it off and that individual biomass is to continue to spread and reproduce. They will consume anything as they are one's that continuously eat and eat, whatever they deem likeable they make it into a form. Taking on the intelligence of creatures and if need be some Xenochimera's will take the forms of genders depending on their likes.

What idea did you have for your character?:
The idea for the character is to for them to be shy and timid around the station, eager to learn and help out. I want the character to work in Cargo bay to supply themselves with needed food, they will attempt by any means possible to not go feral, but if they do they will start whining and growling. Whines are considered not sure of anything around them, growls are warnings to others the more vicious the growl the better the chances of the individual approaching will be attacked. 2 warning growls and if not obey them "Your ass is grass" is the saying I like to use.
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